The name itself (SPA- sanus per aquam-¨health through water¨), reflects the essence of these procedures- the improvement of the body. SPA care includes washing, masks, wraps, aromatherapy, hydramassage, saturation of the skin and hair with minerals and salts. The means used in the SPA, necessarily contain natural ingredients- oils, minerals, salts, clays, mud, herbal extracts. Such agents penetrate deeper into the skin than ordinary shampoos and conditioners, and their anti-stress properties are unmatched.

  SPA for dogs also exists. In nature, animals have their SPA - roll out in the sand, clay, grass to cleanse the skin and hair from parasites, excess fat. The need for such actions is incorporated in them genetically. When a dog lives in an apartment, it cannot take care of itself, its hair becomes dull, the sebaceous  glands do not work properly, skin diseases appear.

 Our poodles are delighed that we have made our spa for dogs. We will talk about the basic spa procedures for dog: what benefits they bring, how to organize your dog a spa without leaving home, what are the contraintications.

 It is to bath the dog in warm water with aromatic salt o with dried medicinal herbs, diluted aromatic oils are also used.

  Thalassotherapy is a complex of very pleasant procedures for both humans and dogs, aimed at enriching the body with minerals, microelements and salts, and, as a result, strengthening the immune system, improving skin tone, getting rid of joint pain. Thalassotherapy is based on the use of sea water, algae, mud.

   It is important that the cosmetic effect is not the main value of thalassotherapy. Sea water is rich in mineral salts and oligo-elements almost identical to the dog·s blood plasma. When the water temperature is 30-32 degrees Celsius in 10 minutes spent in a mud bath, the dog·s skin absorbs all the trace elements necessary for the body: especially iodine, sulfur, potassium and calcium. Thalassotherapy is beneficial for stress, pain in the joints, arthrosis, improves blood circulation, heals the lymphatic system.